Anovia Payments Launches Operations in Australia

Anovia Payments, an award-winning payments solution provider based in Dallas, Texas, announces its entry into the Australian market with a host of services designed to be more efficient and competitively-priced for small and medium-sized businesses.

With credit processing reaching more than 7.3 trillion dollars globally and almost every transaction featuring an electronic payment method, the merchant services arena is fast becoming both more competitive and globalized. Despite its relative youth (founded 2013), the rise of Anovia Payments is exemplary of these trends, as the organization operates from the United States, Canada, and Australia in collaboration with an array of partners providing hardware and software, as well as processing platforms.

Company executive Hollie Jones will serve as General Manager of Anovia Australia, with offices based in Sydney. Jones will lead a team comprised of account executives utilizing Anovia’s client-centered, consultative business development approach, as well as an operations team. For its Australian operation, Anovia Payments will leverage First Data, the world’s largest payments platform, as its technology partner.

Anovia provides a simple-to-use and affordable set of payment solutions based on the company’s state-of-the-art and bank-agnostic platform. This dynamic solution set allows businesses to process all payment types such as Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners Card, in a cost-effective way, using the latest payment processing devices and set-up.

According to Jones, the decision to set up operations in Australia was an easy one for the young company to make. “Our leadership team at Anovia is constantly in pursuit of new partners and new markets,” said Jones, “and in our visits to Australia last year, we found a business-friendly climate full of innovators across a broad spectrum of industries. In short, Australia is a perfect match for our culture, and our clients will soon see how we never rest while setting new standards of excellence in both our product offerings and customer service.”

Anovia Payments won the 2014 ISO of the Year Award – Rising Star from the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the global trade association representing the payments technology world. This award is a result of the company’s rapid growth coupled with integrity of processes and service. For more information on Anovia, visit 

About Anovia Payments
A new, disruptive way forward in payment acceptance, Anovia Payments was founded in 2013 by industry experts determined to make card acceptance reliable, simple, secure, and supported by best in class programs and technology, powered by partnerships, ideas, and work ethic.  Anovia’s founding principles are customer-centered: to help client companies expand their businesses, their customer loyalty, and their financial success.  Anovia is moving the payments industry forward while exhibiting high ethical standards and successfully meeting industry challenges with demonstrated results.